Hi! I’m Nat and welcome to Natty Designs

Running a craft business was always my dream. I love to create and experiment and in 2016 I started to make candles. I enjoyed it immediately and over a year my confidence grew and with it my product ideas, so in 2017 I launched Natty Candles.

My aim is to create original, handcrafted candles using natural, sustainable waxes and the finest quality fragrance oils. Scents can evoke a place, a memory or a feeling and that is why I have created a range of scented candles inspired by my travels, little everyday joys and even my favourite dessert!

All of my candles are handmade from start to finish from my workshop in the Malvern Hills. I use natural rapeseed and beeswax and my scented candles are blended with the best quality fragrances to give a superior scent throw. My wicks are braided cotton and beeswax, which create an excellent wax pool, releasing the fragrance gradually.

If you have a particular present you want to give or wedding favours created, please contact me at nat@nattydesigns.co.uk.

Shipping is now closed on all orders, local pickup is available until Friday the 21st of December. Thanks, Nat