How can I care for my candle? + -

There are a few rules to follow to get the best use out of your candle.

  • Trim the wick to 5mm before each burning. This should give a good flame height and melt pool whilst not burning the wax too quickly.
  • Believe it or not wax has a memory, so when first lighting allowing a melt pool to form to each side of the container. This helps to avoid ‘tunneling’ and make your candle last longer. With my jar candles this will take 3-4 hrs.
  • Always place a candle on a candle tray or container to protect your surfaces.
  • Getting the most out of your scented candle does not mean you have to constantly burn it. If you have a good melt pool going you can extinguish the flame and the fragrance will still spread for some time and your candle with last longer.
  • Snuff out a candle once you have finished using it. It avoids too much soot and smoke, the wick falling and wax blowing out of the container.
Can you help me with an idea for a bespoke order? + -

Absolutely! I am happy to make request orders for a celebration, wedding or just for you. Please contact me at nat@nattydesigns.co.uk and we can discuss what you want. For wedding orders, please contact me as far in advance as possible so I can make sure you receive just what you want for the big day.

How will my items be packaged? + -

Both my tea lights and jar candles come in a gift box. The tea light box is handmade by me using designer card. All items are safely packaged for transport using materials easily recycled and sometime reusing good quality packaging from my suppliers which may include plastics.

Why did I receive plastic packaging in my order? + -

I aim to send my parcels in packaging that can be easily recycled. However, you can imagine the amount of plastic packaging I receive from suppliers. Rather than let this go to waste I may use non-recyclable material for postage, particularly on large orders. As the moto goes ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’.

Who will deliver my parcel? + -

I use Hermes for the majority of my deliveries as I find them reliable and the packages are tracked. I will provide you with the tracking number so you have peace of mind of where your parcel is. You can expect Hermes to deliver your package 3-5 days after you are notified of dispatch, not after ordering. If you have any issues please contact me.

How long will it take for you to dispatch my order? + -

I aim for turnaround in 1-2 business days (not weekends) but I will get in touch with you if there are any issues.

Are your candles safe? + -

Each of my candles has been thoroughly tested before being released for sale and are periodically tested thereafter. All candles are fully compliant with UK and EU regulations. Each candle comes with clear safety instructions for use.

Why should I buy from you rather than high street brands? + -

At Natty Candles you get an original, handcrafted candle, made in small batches to produce the best quality. Most mass produced candles use paraffin wax, which is not sustainable and releases chemicals. I source my materials to be the finest quality and choose natural rapeseed and beeswax which is sustainable to the UK and does not release harmful chemicals.

Why use rapeseed wax rather than soy wax? + -

Rapeseed (canola) wax is an up and coming product that works brilliantly in container candles, giving an attractive ivory finish. It binds well with fragrance oils and releases scent evenly due to its lower melt point. Both rapeseed and soy wax are natural, but rapeseed is produced in the UK and EU making it more sustainable. Soy production has massively grown in the last 20 years and to keep up with demand soy plantations have been created on deforested areas of rainforest and crops genetically modified. A lot of soy wax comes out of this production and this includes the so called ‘Eco Soy’. Overall, I feel rapeseed wax is a better product with much less environmental impact.

Why has my candle wick developed a ‘mushroom’ top? + -

This issue is due to the wick taking up fuel too quickly to burn it off and forming a carbon deposit at the top. Try to trim the wick to 5mm before each burning to avoid this.

Why is there a frosty appearance on the wax? + -

This can frequently happen with natural waxes and may relate to the temperature of the wax, the container and how quickly the wax sets after use. Frosting does not affect burning or diminish scent throw.

Shipping is now closed on all orders, local pickup is available until Friday the 21st of December. Thanks, Nat