Bergamot & Verbena Wax Melt Set


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This refreshing and stimulating scent combines bergamot and verbena to create complex levels of lemon, citrus and spice tones with light floral herbs.

One clamshell set of 6 wax melts, scented with Bergamot & Verbena fragrance and sprinkled with cornflowers and sage for a beautiful gift or indulgence at home. This set will give approximately 30 hours of scent throw.

My wax melts are compatible with all wax and oil burners (electric and traditional) as rapeseed wax has a lower melt point than soy or paraffin wax.

How To Use:
Set up your wax or oil burner as usual but DO NOT add water. Pop out one of the pods from the clamshell into the burner and enjoy. Once the scent is used up, remove the heat source and once the wax has cooled wipe out with some paper towel.

Each clamshell measures 110x70x30mm and holds 70ml (2.5oz) of wax.

My shipping cost is set at a low fixed rate price meaning the more items purchased the more you save on postage. Dispatch 1-2 business days. Delivery up to 5 business days from dispatch – tracked courier.

Why Rapeseed Wax?
Rapeseed wax works brilliantly in container candles and gives an attractive ivory finish. It binds well with fragrance oils and releases scent evenly due to its lower melt point. It is a completely natural wax so does not contain the chemicals paraffin releases and it is much more sustainable than paraffin and soy wax (being produced in the UK and EU and not from GM crops or fossil fuels). The rapeseed is mixed with British beeswax to create a more versatile wax, which makes it ideal for scented container candles.

I have sourced my packaging and postage materials to be easily recyclable at home and from sustainable sources wherever possible. I will also reuse certain packing material received from suppliers to reduce wasteful use.


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