Spiced Orange Jar Candle

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This classic winter scent infuses orange oil and winter spices together.

Available in 160g Jar with gift box. Jar candle burns up to 40 hours.

Made with natural rapeseed and beeswax and the finest quality fragrance oil for a superior scent throw.

My candles are handmade from start to finish to maintain excellent quality and a professional finish, making them the perfect gift or indulgence at home.

Each jar measures 70mm diameter by 80mm tall and comes in a card gift box measuring 72mm by 85mm. The jars hold 190ml (160g) of wax and are made of glass with a gold metal lid.

My shipping cost is set at a low fixed rate price meaning the more items purchased the more you save on postage. Dispatch 3-5 business days. Delivery up to 5 business days from dispatch – tracked courier.

Before each lighting trim the wick to 5mm to achieve the ideal flame. When first lighting your rapeseed candle make sure a melt pool forms to every side of the jar (which takes 3-4 hours). This is to avoid ‘tunneling’, to give better scent throw and to make your candle last as long as possible. As with other natural waxes, rapeseed wax can sometimes have a frosted appearance; this does not affect the burn or scent throw.

Why Rapeseed Wax?
Rapeseed wax works brilliantly in container candles and gives an attractive ivory finish. It binds well with fragrance oils and releases scent evenly due to its lower melt point. It is a completely natural wax so does not contain the chemicals paraffin releases and it is much more sustainable than paraffin and soy wax (being produced in the UK and EU and not from GM crops or fossil fuels). The rapeseed is mixed with British beeswax to create a more versatile wax, which makes it ideal for scented container candles.

I have sourced my packaging and postage materials to be easily recyclable at home and from sustainable sources wherever possible. I will also reuse certain packing material received from suppliers to reduce wasteful use.

2 reviews for Spiced Orange Jar Candle

  1. Jem McCarron

    These were the strongest scent of the three festive flavors I’ve tried, Wassail! and Christmas Hearth being the other two. I sometimes find festive orange to be a little bitter, but these weren’t at all and even burning 3 tealights in the room while we decorated the tree the scent was not over-powering and didn’t cause the headache I so often experience with scented candles.

  2. Katherine Hesketh

    I was bought this as a present. It’s perfect for this time of year as it’s basically Christmas in a jar! It’s made my whole house smell divine – thank you!

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